Wellness in your golden years

You have great plans for your retirement 123d 디자인! You’ve invested enough to make them happen, but retirement is going to mean major changes to – here is the secret to making it a good time.

Retirement is going to change everything about your daily routine. Not many people realise what a major life-change this is, until it’s on their doorstep. Looking after your health and developing interests will keep you comfortable, involved and young. Here are a few secrets

Looking after your body is a huge investment

So, you’re already dreaming of lying outstretched on the beach, waiting for a cocktail and soaking up the sun. The reality, though, is that many people spend those years lying on a stretcher, waiting for blood test results and soaking up the next antibiotic. These moves will help you avoid being medivaced from your cruise liner because of a heart attack:

  • Get your annual physical! More than any other time in your life, early detection of any health issue is important to you. It usually means a better and faster outcome.
  • Don’t give up your gym membership. You can be using the heated pool while everyone else is slogging away at the office – and attending some of the group-classes can keep your social life blooming too.
  • Sports activities like running, cycling, swimming, surfing, dancing, kayaking and hiking are lifelong pursuits that can be altered to suit your age. Get out there and enjoy yourself!
  • Join community development projects and local clubs, or coach kids in a sport to stay physically active and connected to your community.
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Develop interests that keep you young

Maybe you’re already thinking about booking a cruise – after all, you’ve earned this time off! What will you be doing when the trip is over? Many people don’t realise this, but retirement can leave you isolated – and even impact your mental health. To prevent this from happening to you, act with foresight: now is your chance to choose how you’d like to keep your life filled with meaning and purpose even after your present career comes to an end:

  • Develop your hidden talents in the arts, anything from singing to sculpture. Take courses and give yourself the freedom to explore.
  • Get some additional skills that weren’t part of your day job – anything from photography to carpentry!
  • Start a part-time business or consult and give the young ones the benefit of your professional experience. It also doesn’t hurt to earn a bit extra.

Don’t see your retirement as the last chapter of life, but rather: the grand finale! Get together with friends, strengthen your relationships with relatives and start a few new family traditions. Aim for more than thrill and enjoyment – leave the world a lasting legacy!

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