The smart way of anti-ageing

By August 30, 2016Ageing

Happy birthday! You’re one year older. But that didn’t happen last night. We tend to forget that we are ageing every. single. second. You’re already 5 seconds older than when you started reading this paragraph. Don’t let that scare you, though.

Ageing isn’t something that suddenly happens to you one day, and that’s a good thing: because that means you can slow down the signs of ageing right now!

Maybe you come from a family that generally lives happily past the age of 80, or maybe your ancestors are prone to heart disease and a shorter life-span. No matter what’s written into your genetic code, studies show that a few basic changes can truly change our health-stars! Here are the basics:

Brush and floss

Tooth decay and gum loss are ageing: you may be brushing and gargling, but flossing is easy to forget. An even, white smile is great, but cutting down on the chances of plaque, inflammation and tooth-loss in the future is even better. So, don’t ignore flossing, and book that dental check-up.

Your diet portfolio

You’re building a career, paying attention to where you’re putting your money, so invest in your own fruit and vegetable futures! We’re not kidding. Seriously. Whether it’s the calcium you laying down in your bones, or forming a five-a-day habit that sticks – no matter what dietary trends hit your social circle – eating a balanced, healthy diet is a golden-return investment.

Learn to play

It can all get too serious during the building years: surviving the baby trauma, climbing the career- ladder, putting down roots, or all three! Find something that makes you smile, takes your mind off the grind and gets you moving. From colouring-in to cross-fit, from surfing to scrap-booking – find something that grabs your interest and makes you happy. Besides enjoyment, it will relieve stress, and starting now will help keep you mentally agile in the years to come.

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Sleeping beauty

It’s ironic: when you’re young, sleep comes more easily, but you fight it. One more episode to watch, another social media thread to chase – just one more presentation to put together for tomorrow, but nothing impacts your body quite like sleep deprivation. Your skin, immunity, metabolism, muscle-tone, memory and even mood are all improved by healthy sleep. So, getting at least 7 hours of unbroken sleep a night is a love-letter that you are sending to your future self.

Put out that cigarette, switch off the vaper

Stop smoking:  Second only to life-long unprotected sun-exposure, smoking is a premium wrinkle delivery system. Yes, it’s setting your skin up for lines right now, even if you can’t see them. Nicotine is restricting blood flow to the top layers of your skin – which means that it isn’t getting enough nutrients or oxygen and that cell damage is happening now. Skip the nicotine altogether.

See? No reason to fear ageing: take care of yourself now and it’s going to show later.

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