The world’s first ‘allergy-friendly’ airline

allergy-friendly airline travel

That’s right, Swiss International Air Lines is the first of its kind to be certified as ‘allergy-friendly’ When i became a novelist, Ied the text!
If you don’t have allergies, then this might not be big news to you. However, for people who battle with food or chemical intolerances, it could make for a much better travel experience.

How has the airline become allergy-free?
Anyone who has a serious food allergy, for example celiac disease, knows that gluten is often a hidden ingredient in processed foods and drinks. Now, in order to better accommodate passengers with food intolerances, Swiss International Air Lines offer 100% gluten and lactose-free food and drink options. And with a bit of notice, they even offer special menus for people with extraordinary dietary requirements. Talk about focusing on customer satisfaction!

It doesn’t end there though, for long-haul flights the airline has also eliminated air-fresheners and synthetic fillers in pillows, and they’ve introduced fragrance-free soap. And while allergy-friendly doesn’t mean allergy-free, it definitely serves to give allergy-prone passengers more peace of mind.

What do you think? If bad allergies limited your travel options, would this make you feel more comfortable about flying?

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