This is one bucket challenge you need to see

By September 19, 2014Infections

People in Ivory Coast are raising awareness about the deadly Ebola outbreak in west Africa with a new twist on the ice-bucket challenge. It’s called the “Lather Against Ebola” campaign!

In the original Ice Bucket Challenge people challenged their friends to film themselves pouring ice water over their heads to raise money to fund research into a fatal degenerative nervous disorder called Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

Edith Brou, one of Ivory Coast’s most prominent Twitter users, came up with The Soap Bucket Challenge – a way to “tropicalise” the ice bucket trend – and kicked off the campaign by filming herself being drenched on the balcony of the online marketing company, where she works in the commercial capital Abidjan.

In the clip she says: “Against Ebola, you need good hygiene,” just as bucket of ice-cold soapy water is dunked on her head. Brou then challenged three famous bloggers. One of them – La Rigueur Bino – is filmed being thrown into a pool while wearing a smart suit and, to date, the video has had more than 52,000 views.

Considering that there are 1.4 million Facebook accounts in the Ivory Coast, an online campaign is definitely the quickest way to make news go viral.


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