Tips on how to treat a fever

By December 29, 2014Infections

Not sure what to do when you have a fever youtube download 다운로드? Treating certain illnesses, infections, rashes, aches and pains can be easy and doesn’t always require that you go to the doctor or hospital. Just make sure you’re well equipped with the basics. Take a look at how to identify a fever and what you should do.

Fever tips

Fever is very common in young children, but it can occur at any age. To tell if someone has a fever, you will need a thermometer. If the reading on the thermometer is above 37.5C then the person has a fever. Fevers are also seldom dangerous, if there are no other symptoms present, and will usually disappear. You should consult a doctor or a nurse if the person has fever with other symptoms; if a child is under the age of 3 months, with a fever of 38C.

How to treat a fever

You can treat a fever with some paracetamol or ibuprofen. Due to excessive sweating, make sure the person drinks plenty of fluids to keep them hydrated. Sit in a cool room, and keep the windows open (unless it is very hot outside) to cool the room down. If your child has a fever, undress him or her to the nappy or underwear.

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