Today I reach out. And make financial independence my goal.

Gender-based violence is violence perpetrated on an individual based on his or her sexual or gender identity 슈퍼마리오 3 다운로드. This includes physical, sexual, verbal, emotional, financial and psychological abuse. It also includes economic coercion. We want to address this specifically because it keeps so many women trapped.

It is simply wrong if your husband, partner, uncle, brother or anyone else is taking control of your money. Do you have to hand over your salary? Account for every cent you spend? Or maybe you are not allowed to have your own credit card. Taking your money is a way of controlling you, keeping you in chains so that you are unable to make your own financial choices and decisions, or even escape your circumstances. This control can also be expressed by undermining your job or your educational goals. Many people with this experience can feel so bad about it that they do not even acknowledge such abuse. This is a prevalent aspect of gender-based violence.

Maybe this is not happening to you but it could be happening to a friend or colleague and possibly, with kindness and care, you could still reach out to help them. There are a few typical symptoms of such economic abuse to look out for in the workplace. Like when a colleague may have little or no money available, does not appear to have a credit card, seems unable to join in with social activities or simply contribute to gifts or donations.

But there is a way to break those financial shackles and stop the abuse. There is a way to take back control of your finances – an opportunity for you to build and maintain economic self-sufficiency.

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Of course, dealing with an abusive relationship is inevitably emotionally taxing. But sitting down quietly to carefully plan your financial future might be a bit easier. You could start by writing down all the things that come to mind when you think of your financial worries. Get it all out there on a piece of paper. Next is to follow all the support and new offerings that the company is putting in place to support and assist you. Evaluate which offerings could really be helpful for you. Thereafter, and this is where you’ll need to summon up some courage, decide on the first step you are going to take. Who are you going to contact? When will you do this? You will have taken the first step to reaching out on your journey to financial independence.

We are here to guide you through this process; please reach out and get all the support you need. Always remember that you are a valuable person and your life is important – the abuse you experience is wrong and it must stop.