Toddlers crying in restaurants

Most people with access to any kind of social media saw the restaurant-owner-shouts-at-crying-toddler debate all over social media in the last week of July Download Adobe 2017 cc!

What happened

For those who didn’t see it: a couple and their one-year-old are seated in a Portland restaurant around brunch-time. The little girl is crying and – after 20 minutes or more – the restaurant owner tries to get the family to take their order and leave. They don’t leave and the owner shouts at the toddler, who promptly stops crying. Pretty shocking, right?

What we want to know

Like with everything, it turns out that there are at least two sides to this story and we’ve put a link to it here so that you can see for yourself. What we really want to know is: how would YOU deal with this situation? Hello Doctor has a sensible readership and following, so we’d like your take on both sides:

  • How it feels to be a parent with a cranky or grizzling toddler, and what you do in that situation?
  • How it feels to be a diner, server or owner in that situation, and how you’d handle it?
  • Is it possible for parents to tune out crying and not realise that others can’t?
  • Is it possible for people without kids to have unrealistic expectations?

And there are no wrong answers! Like with most social media storms, the Portland situation had people choosing sides and then fighting each other. What we’re really looking for is better ways to handle a situation like that, and some empathy. After all, we’re all people, right?

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Source: Huffington Post