Top 3 bad health habits women need to break!

Okay, so we all have bad habits, but now is a good time to set things straight. Dr Lynelle Hoeks takes a look at three bad habits that all women should quit.

1. Stop putting yourself last
It is part of our nature – it’s not called the mothering instinct for nothing! Between looking after the children and our partners, being there for family and friends, making sure the boss is happy, making sure clients are happy and worrying about whether or not all those cute animals at the SPCA are going to find homes – when is there time for you? It’s time to put your health at the top of your priority list, the last thing you need is to be too stressed or sick to be able to get all that needs to be done, done! So what can you do to keep yourself in top form mentally and physically?

  • Go for an annual gynae check
  • Go for an annual dental check
  • Make time to exercise 3 – 4 times a week
  • Eat healthily (and DON’T finish the food off your kids’ plates “because it’s such a waste!”)
  • Find a hobby that you love – something you enjoy that’s just for you
  • Use effective contraception and insist that new sexual partners use a condom – protect yourself from unplanned pregnancies and STI’s!
  • Learn to say NO. If you are too busy and someone needs your help, or even if it’s something you would just rather not do – say no and don’t feel guilty about it!
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2. Stop drinking so much
Excessive drinking is one of the biggest health dangers out there. Socially acceptable and a large part of South African culture, excessive drinking can lead to many health issues. Alcohol addiction, increased risk for certain cancers such as breast and pancreatic cancer and long term liver damage are just some of the dangers. Excessive drinking can mean regular ‘binge’ drinking (more than 5 drinks in a session) or even that daily glass or two of wine you end up having after a long day. Make a conscious effort to limit your alcohol intake – for every alcoholic drink have a glass of water (will make you fuller and less likely to drink too much), and remember not to try keep up with the guys – women cannot handle as much alcohol as men. If you think you may have a problem with alcohol contact your GP for help and advice.

3. Ditch the heels
There is nothing quite like a pair of heels to make you feel confident and sexy, but beware! Wearing high heels can cause major foot, knee, hip and back problems in the long run – not very sexy! Wearing heels accentuates the curve of your lower back, causing muscular strain and lower back pain, cosmetically heels can ruin your feet!

This picture gives you a good idea of just how bad heels are for you.

High Heels


Image Source: Daily Mail