Treat cold sores in summer

By December 10, 2015Infections

Even though the seasons are changing, some viruses will continue to bug us 크로우즈 제로 다운로드. Cold sores, despite its name, can come out on hot and sunny days. But we won’t let it stain your summer.

Sunshine can wake up an old virus

With many health-related problems, there’s often a trigger behind a reaction: pollen causing allergies and flashing lights setting off an epileptic seizure. During summer, a big trigger for cold sores is the sun. How does this work? Anything that puts stress on your immune system can act as a trigger to the virus, making cracked and sunburnt lips an ideal spot for cold sores to surface.

No kissing!

With the lips being the main hiding spot of the cold sore virus, kissing the main source of transmission. Even a peck is enough to transfer the virus, so unless you’re willing to put up with it, your loved one may need to hold off until their cold sores heal.

Treating the problem

Unfortunately, once you do have the virus, it’s with you for life. There’s no known way to remove it from your body, but there are treatments to make it go back into hiding. You can find most of them at your local pharmacy. The good news is that they are SO common, your pharmacist will be able to give you a couple of treatment options. In most cases, you’ll get a cream that you apply to the sore. This will speed up the recovery quite a bit. Cold sores can also healh on their own – just remember not to touch!

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Preventing another cold sore

You can lower your chances of developing them by following a few simple rules:

  • Always use your own lip-balm and sunscreen
  • Don’t share any razorblades
  • Don’t share any eating or cooking utensils
  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Avoid touching your face, especially your mouth and eyes
  • Avoid stress or stressful situations
  • Avoid contact with sick people

If you’re having a little trouble with a nasty sore, speak to a pharmacist for a different treatment option. Alternatively, your doctor should be able to prescribe the right treatment for the job.

Have a fantastic summer-holiday!