UPDATE: Don’t lose your child in a public place

Children do go missing dungeonmaker apk. Parents, we know that it’s the last thing you want to hear, but it is a true risk. Nothing equals the panic you feel when a little one suddenly disappears. We’ve put together a list of practical safety measures that are simple enough to explain to children. Your child now has a “safety plan” that they can understand and follow.

Develop a ‘what if’ plan. Before you go out, talk about what family members should do if they get separated. Keep the steps really simple, so that even the youngest can understand and remember it. Tell kids who they can look to for help – a security guard, a lifeguard, or a mom with children.

No matter where you go, always organise to meet your kid(s) at an easy-to-reach spot such as the info desk or an entrance. If you’re outdoors, choose a large landmark such as a statue.

If the children are younger than age 8, tell them to stay put until you find them. Go over the plan again on the way to your destination, make it fun and get everyone to repeat it.

Dress children in bright colours. Bright swimsuits, hats and t-shirts make it easier to spot your child in a crowd. Dressing siblings in similar colours can help you remember what the lost child is wearing, and remember that neon colours stand out more than other tones.

Use technology to your benefit. Keep a recent digital photo of each of the children on your camera or smart phone – even take a photo of everyone on the day.

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Use the buddy system. If you’re spending the day in a large group, assign one adult to watch each child right through the day, and rope older kids in to help. If anyone has to take a time-out, they need to let the next adult take over their watch: especially around swimming pools or the ocean. Never assume that someone is watching.

Give them a beaded bracelet showing your phone number. Pieces of paper can get lost and phone numbers on a clothing label can fade. You need something that’s visible to the public. A beaded bracelet is perfect because while it’s a safety measure, it also looks like a fashion accessory.

Teach them to never talk to strangers. “Stranger Danger!” – two of the best words to teach your child. It’s simple so that they can remember it and also serves as a distress call that will alert other adults.