Valentine’s gift ideas for your fitness obsessed lady

Being smothered in roses and decadent chocolates is a part of what expressing love is about 커플 각서 다운로드. However, looking out for your partner’s health could be the best love language yet.

Here are a few gift ideas for your gym-lover to help support both her endurance and recovery

If music is her motivation

The rhythm of workout music can stimulate the motor area of the brain to signal when you should move. This helps with self-paced exercises like running or weight-lifting. These time signals can help you use your energy more efficiently. Make sure your lady never misses a beat with wireless earphones to make her work-out a breeze.

If she can’t put her phone down

Replying to cell phone messages and answering calls can be distracting, especially when you have a goal to reach. A fitness tracker with tons of features can do the trick. It can accurately record all-day activities like steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes and sleep status. Your lady will be able to see calls and messages on her wrist with notifications on display- that way she will never miss the messages that matter.

To track her gains and losses

An electronic smart body weight scale can help keep weight records and calculate metabolic age and body fat percentage. Help her stay on track with its smartphone application, which will help her measure body weight, connect to Bluetooth and wirelessly to her smartphone. It can also measure the amount of the body’s water mass (the percentage of body fluid as compared to total body weight).

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To track her fitness

Every jump matters. With a digital skipping rope you can help your loved one keep track of how many calories they’ve burnt and keep her pushing harder with every workout.
To get a massage on-the-go

Even the most seasoned exerciser will occasionally experience aches and pains. A vibrating foam roller is an excellent tool to help alleviate any post-exercise muscle tension.

The high intensity vibrations are excellent for recovery, mobility, pliability training as well as deep-tissue trigger point sports massages. It helps reduce muscular pain, relieves next day soreness and increases blood flow to tired muscles.