Valentine’s gift ideas to keep your man fit

Chocolates and sweet treats may be your go-to for Valentine’s Day, but they aren’t doing your partners health any favours in the long run kbs news 다운로드. Wellness gifts, on the other hand, will give your man a boost that will last longer than a day.

Here are some fun Valentine’s gift ideas to keep your man looking forward to keeping fit and healthy.

A smoothie on the go

Save your man time, effort and coins with a delicious on-the go smoothie. With a mini portable blender he can have a healthy breakfast whether he’s in the office, stuck in traffic or on the run. What’s more, if he needs to stow it away, it can comfortably fit in his bag. He’ll be able to blend fruits, protein shakes, and even ice wherever he may be.

With its USB charging capability, fully charged, the blender can last for approximately 10 to 12 uses until a recharge is required. It can charge to full capacity in two hours.

To help relieve pain and stiffness

After an intense workout, a gentle massage to relieve post workout soreness or any muscle/bone pain is ideal. Get your man an acupressure mat that will stimulate the release of endorphins and oxytocin; the body’s “feel good” chemicals, naturally released during exercise. The more endorphins and oxytocin flowing the better he will feel. These hormones also help with relaxation and will help him fall asleep. What’s more, you can take a break from giving him massages – a win-win!

To help prevent foot blisters

If your man has ever had trouble with developing blisters after long runs or hikes, he will probably appreciate uniquely designed socks that support his feet during long periods of exercising.

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Perfect for runners and walkers, blister resistant socks are designed to help prevent foot blisters by reducing friction and absorbing moisture away from the feet. They keep the toes separated while supporting proper alignment.

Keep hydrated on the run

It’s nearly impossible to keep a water bottle in hand while trying to exercise or run. But using a belt with bottle holders, you can do just that. Spoil your man with a belt to safely keep all his belongings, including his water bottle, to make it easier for him to get around, minus the extra luggage.

For sun and eye protection

Should your partner choose to do outdoor exercises for the day, getting him protective sports eyewear will help prevent injuries and allow him to continue exercising safely. Help minimise injury with light, easy to carry and flexible sunglasses that boast full UV protection for outdoor action, like fishing, climbing, cycling, driving, etc. Before purchasing, ensure the eyewear will be comfortable and provide sufficient eye protection.