Ways to manage stress In 2015

By January 7, 2015Stress

Another year, another challenge Longchi edition. We all want to be optimistic about the next 365 days, but the chances are life is going to happen. And that usually means: deadlines, arguments, unexpected surprises and more. All these things can increase the stress in your life, which has a big impact on the way you feel and live. Learn how to handle stress now so you can overcome it later in the year. Here’s how.

For immediate relief

Find a safe and quiet room, like the bathroom or an empty boardroom. Sit quietly, close your eyes, and picture yourself in your happy place, doing something you enjoy. It can be anything, from sitting on a beach on a tropical island, to reading a book in your garden, to enjoying a glass of wine with your loved one. The point is, visualisation works to help relieve stress quickly, and of course if you can do it for longer than a minute then even better. If that doesn’t help, focus on your breathing. By doing this you focus your attention on your breathing and not the cause of your stress.

Say No!

Learn to say no. Managers and people in higher positions will often delegate more and more work the longer you are in a job. Taking on more work will eventually lead to burnout and stress. When you feel that you have too much on your plate, then it’s time to say no. Outline your reasons in a measurable and specific way, but always offer a solution. Remember, by taking on too much, you could end up doing nothing well.

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Plan, plan, plan

Do you have a diary or a day book? No? Well, it’s time to get one! You can eliminate a lot of stress by planning your day by listing your priorities and managing your time. A daily to-do list is a life-saver; prioritise it according to those things you must do, those you would like to do, and those that can wait. Make sure you slot in some time for interruptions and random tasks.

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