What exercises are safe for mommy’s-to-be?

By December 12, 2013Pregnancy

Many women are concerned about putting on too much weight during pregnancy, or not being able to stick to their regular exercise programme sound. While you certainly can’t continue with impact sports such as kick-boxing, there are still plenty of exercises you can do that will help you stay healthy and help prevent you from putting on more weight than necessary.

Swimming – Towards the end of your pregnancy, it’s entirely normal to start feeling heavy, uncomfortable and immobile. One of the great things about swimming when pregnant is the weight-less feeling you get. Added to this, it takes the pressure off your joints – instant relief. Swimming gives your whole body a low-impact work out, and works all your muscles, making it one of the best exercises you can do to help stay fit during your pregnancy.

Pre-natal yoga – Yoga in general focuses on deep breathing and increases your strength and flexibility, all of which can help better prepare you for labour. It also improves circulation and oxygen intake, and is a great stress reliever. Look online for pre-natal yoga classes near you, or ask your yoga friends for recommendations.

Walking – Walking at a moderate pace increases cardiovascular fitness and helps tone your legs and bum. It’s also free – all you need is a pair of comfortable walking shoes and you’re good to go. Aim to walk for between 20 and 30 minutes a day if you can.


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