What is scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a chronic condition in which your spine twists and curves to the side 이나즈마일레븐 스트라이커즈 다운로드. If you have scoliosis, you might find it difficult to move in one direction because of the curve.

This sideways curvature usually occurs during the growth spurt period just before puberty. Due to this, children aged 10 to 15 are most at risk for developing this condition.

Common symptoms for scoliosis include:

  • Uneven shoulders
  • One shoulder blade that appears more prominent than the other
  • An uneven waist
  • One hip being higher than the other

What causes scoliosis?

There is no single cause for scoliosis, but some conditions and factors may increase the risk for developing it. Common risk factors include genetics. age and sex (girls are more likely to develop the condition).

Some conditions that increase the risk for scoliosis:

  • Neuromuscular conditions, like cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy
  • Birth defects affecting the development of the bones of the spine
  • Injuries to or infections of the spine

Can scoliosis be treated?

Scoliosis can’t improve without treatment. In mild cases, however, discomfort is minor and there is no need for a serious interventions. .

Treatment for scoliosis depends on your age, the likelihood of the condition worsening and how severe the curvature is.

  • Babies and toddlers with scoliosis may not need treatment as their spine is still developing so may improve with time. Your doctor may fit a plaster cast or plastic brace on your child’s spine to stop the curve from worsening as they grow.
  • Older children may also have to wear a back brace to prevent the curve from worsening. In severe cases, surgery may be done to straighten the curve once the spine has stopped growing.
  • Treatment in adults may include spinal injections, painkillers and in rare severe cases, surgery.
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Managing scoliosis

Before making any lifestyle changes to manage scoliosis, talk to your doctor. There are certain rehabilitation exercises, which if done correctly, could help restore spinal imbalances and reduce any symptoms of discomfort. However, its important to always talk to your doctor before trying any new exercises.