What is the difference between a tension headache and a migraine?

A headache is a headache, right 코렐드로우 x7 다운로드? Wrong! There are many different types of headaches and it’s important to differentiate between them so that you can get the right treatment AND know when to seek medical assistance!

1. What are the tell tale signs of a migraine?

a. Nausea and sensitivity to light
b. Visual disturbances
c. A visual aura (bright lights/ kaleidoscope in visual field)
d. Moderate to severe pain
e. All of the above

The answer is E. Migraines can present in varied ways and not everyone will get all the above symptoms. The important thing is that migraine symptoms, although severe, are not usually dangerous.

2. Which of the following factors lead to migraine headaches?

a. Hormones changes, especially before a period, and the oral contraceptive pill
b. Pregnancy
c. Lack of sleep
d. Caffeine
e. All of the above

The answer is E. Although it is interesting to note that after an initial increase in migraine frequency in early pregnancy, migraines usually disappear after the first trimester!

3. Which of the following feature are typical of a tension headache?

a. A Band like pain around the head, pressure down the neck
b. Pain so severe you are unable to perform your daily tasks
c. More common in men
d. Are not related to stress, poor posture and muscular tension
e. All of the above

The answer is A. The pain of a tension headache feels like a tight band around the head, rather than the throbbing of a migraine. It usually peaks by the middle of the day and is more common in females, especially those who are under stress (emotional, work, physical).

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4. Which are the following statements is FALSE?

a. Migraines can be triggered by cheese, beer, red wine and dark chocolate
b. Migraines with aura in females reduces their risk of stroke and heart disease
c. Tension headaches can be chronic and occur daily
d. Tension headaches do not cause visual or neurological symptoms
e. All of the above

The answer is B. Women who get migraines with aura are almost twice as likely to have a stroke or suffer from heart disease as they get older than those without aura.

5. Headaches are so common that we often just pop a pain tablet and carry on, but which of the following symptoms should take you off to the emergency room?

a. Headaches occurring daily that require pain medication
b. A sudden severe headache or one that wakes you at night
c. A headache along with neck pain and a rash
d. A headache along with numbness in a limb/ on the face, muscle weakness, speech problems, visual changes
e. B,C and D

The answer is E. Although a headache that requires daily medication is not an emergency, it should still be investigated by your GP- remember that chronic pain medication use can lead to rebound headaches! You should always seek medical attention promptly if you have any of the above symptoms!