What it means to be shy

Are you shy SoundCloud Mobile? Does the thought of walking into a room filled with strangers make you anxious? More importantly, is this just the way you are, or is it learned behaviour?

Shyness is real. It impacts the body in the form of stress, can cause digestive issues, and some people even believe their food intolerances may be connected to it.

While some people outgrow shyness, for others it’s simply how they are. So it comes as no surprise to find that shyness influences career choices, and many reticent people are found working in caring professions that require empathy.

Sian Prior, journalist and professor at the School of Media and Communication at RMIT University, went on a quest to better understand her shyness, and found some interesting answers: WashingtonPost.com.

Do you consider yourself to be shy? How has shyness affected your life?

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