What keeps you awake at night?

By November 29, 2015Sleep

Did you not sleep well at all last night Download the apartment floor plan? There may be may emotional reasons you can’t sleep, like anxiety, or a busy mind, but with summer right around the corner, environmental factors such as heat and pesky insects are two of the main causes of disrupted sleep. Don’t worry! We’re here to help with practical solutions to these problems.

The heat

During South Africa’s summer months, you’re going to experience many hot nights! There’s nothing worse than being sweaty and feeling uncomfortable as you toss and turn – your pillow stays hot on every side!

What you can do:

Buy a good quality fan: There is a large range of fans on the market, but we suggest that you opt for a larger, floor-standing fan that’s more powerful than entry-level models. It may cost a bit more, but it will be able blow cool air across most of the room, keeping you cool and comfortable

Keep water on your bedside table: Your body needs to be hydrated to be able to sweat. This helps to cool down your body temperature. If you’re dehydrated, your body cannot cool itself, which cause heat exhaustion and potentially even a stroke! Always keep a glass and jug of cold water by your bed. It will make you feel better and help to cool down your body temperature.

(You can also pour some water on a face cloth and put that across your forehead to help cool you down further.)

Pesky mosquitoes

We’ve all experienced that annoying buzz that gets closer…and closer, eventually ending with you slapping your face and feeling worse!

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What you can do:

Buy a mosquito repellent: Many of us are put off by the smell of those coils that you light to keep the mosquitoes away; but, there are new repellents on the market that you simply plug into a wall socket. It releases an safe, odourless vapour that mosquitoes hate.

If you want even more protection, there are sprays and creams available at your local pharmacy that you can rub on your body before you go to sleep.

Close your curtains in the early evening: You’re most likely to keep a few windows open to allow fresh air to flow through your house, but, unfortunately, mosquitoes see that as an open invitation to enter your home. So, it’s best to close your curtains in the early evening. Mosquito-net covers for the windows could also help to keep the pests out, while letting cool air in.

Itchy skin and rash

Do you find that your skin has become more itchy during the summer season? This is called heat rash and is occurs when your sweat ducts become blocked, trapping the sweat beneath the skin, causing those itchy, red bumps.

What you can do:

Heat rash will generally go away on its own, but if the itching becomes unbearable, apply some moisturiser to the affected areas; you can also use calamine lotion.

Now that you know how to beat the heat and mosquitoes, you can have a wonderful, uninterrupted sleep. You’ll feel fresh in the morning and ready to take on those summer-days.

Good night!