What YOU wanted to know in 2015!

Thank you! This year, we posted about 1000 health tips and articles on social media. We watched news stories that caught the nation’s attention, read health questions you asked, and tracked which of the tips were most popular, to make sure we gave you information YOU want. We spoke about everything from a mild headache to cancer, from sexual health to rare diseases – it was quite a year!

Your favourite tips for 2015

1. Did you know that your partner’s sperm does not like heat? Advise your man to avoid tight fitting pants and hot baths (showering is better) – sitting in a hot tub for long periods of time is also not a good idea. He needs to keep cool because this maximises the production of your man’s sperm.

2. Clear urine: what does that mean? Normally your urine should be light yellow in colour, but what does it mean when your wee is clear and colourless? This usually means you’ve had too much water to drink. The purpose of urine is to get rid of all the bad chemicals and waste from your body, and clear urine means that you’re getting enough fluid to wash all the toxins out.

3. Do you know your blood pressure? 120/80 is normal. If your BP is 121 to 139 (systolic) and 81-89 (distolic), this is known as pre-hypertension and you now need to consider a change in lifestyle to lower you BP. Exercise helps, but there are also medications such as beta blockers and ACE inhibitors you can use.

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4. 3 Great reasons to drink lemon water: 1 it helps relieve and prevent digestive problems such as bloating, gas and heartburn. 2. Fresh lemon juice is high in vitamin C, potassium, calcium and magnesium. 3. Lemons have antiseptic properties.

5. Bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depressive disorder is a mood disorder whereby people swing between periods of depression (lows) and mania (highs). The mood shifts differs from person to person and can happen daily or a few times a year. The condition is long-term and it can disrupt your life, but it can also be controlled with medication and counselling. It affects men and women.

News headlines from 2015

When it came to news, 2015 was hectic! The year kicked off with the tragedy of the Charlie Hebdo shootings, and the loss of the world-famous sports giant, Jonah Lomu. South Africa lost Jenna Lowe, and the Springboks lost to Japan.

In the middle of all that, we had some great news too: the massive #FeesMustFall protests, and the penis transplant candidate who became a father. One thing is clear – it’s been a massive year.

Always moving forward

Going into 2016, what would you like to read more about? Where do you feel we can improve? We’d like to thank you for your support, comments and questions, and hope we can serve you with the best advice, news and tit-bits to live your best life.

So, from all of us at Hello Doctor, we’d like to wish you a hearty, healthy, festive season!