When do you have to go to hospital?

Is that cough going to kill you, or can you wait a night 현우진 강의 다운로드? What do you do with a soaring temperature? No one wants to head out to hospital – especially in the cold. But, in some situations, staying home could be the most dangerous decision.

Yes, you need a doctor if…

…you become numb for no reason

  • A burning sensation and loss of sensitivity to your limbs is a call for emergency.
  • A tingling sensation, loss of consciousness, shortness of breath and confusion could be symptoms of a stroke.
  • Get medical help if your arms or legs become numb, you have trouble speaking, experience weakness or paralysis, or numbness after a head injury.

…you vomit or cough up blood

  • This can become life-threatening. Usually, it’s due to a problem with the upper gut. The cause could be a tear in the lining of your stomach, oesophageal cancer, inflammation of the oesophagus because of acid reflux or stomach ulcers.
  • A nosebleed could cause this too, because you can swallow the blood and cough it back up. Get medical help soon!

…you experience chest pain or pressure

  • This sort of pain is often a looming heart attack that can extend to the neck, jawline and back.
  • If the pain is accompanied by nausea, a cold sweat and difficulty in breathing, you need immediate attention.
  • A heart attack pain is not necessarily located in the area of the heart, and can sometimes be tricky to diagnose without the right equipment.

…you have a seizure

  • Any seizure needs medical attention.
  • Further damage and injury can be caused by sudden and unpredictable movements or a fall.
  • Symptoms of seizures vary and it can happen to
    • someone with epilepsy
    • if you have a stroke
    • children with a high fever
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…you start choking

  • A significant cough and watery eyes because of food passing through the “wrong tube” could be just normal choking.
  • If you do choke to a point of experiencing a blockage in your airway, then it’s an emergency.
  • You are choking if you’re not able to speak or there is no sound coming out.

In this situation, though, it is best to try the Heimlich maneuver – as shown here by Dr. Michael Mol – while someone contacts emergency services. Waiting for an ambulance may be too late.