Where’d this ring on my arm come from?

By February 20, 2015Skin

“A ring is round and never ends, that’s how long we’ll stay friends,” unless it’s ringworm 오피스 평가판 다운로드.

Despite the name and what you might think you know about ringworm – it’s not actually a worm that finds its way into your skin!

Ringworm – also called Tinea – is part of a group of fungi that cause skin infections. It gets its name from its red ring-like pattern on the skin. So, now that’s been cleared up, let’s sort out a few other misunderstandings:

Myth #1 Only children get it, and it’s not contagious.

Sorry to have to tell you: people of any age can get ringworm, and it’s very contagious! Not only does ringworm spread easily through direct touch, but it can also spread through objects that the infected person touched. (Such as clothing).

Myth #2 You’ll notice the rash once you’re infected.

No, it can take 2 weeks from the time you get the infection, to the time you can see it on your skin.

Myth #3 You can’t get it from your pets

Wrong again! You can get ringworm from your pets, and they can get it from you! This is a good reason to keep their vet checks regular.

Myth #4 You need to be treated with antibiotics if you have ringworm

No, it’s a fungal infection. Antibiotics will do nothing to help. The treatment is antifungals, which can be in the form of ointment, shampoo or tablets – depending on where you are infected. Remember: other people in your house-hold may need treatment too, even if they do not have symptoms yet.

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Other types of Ringworm infections :

Ringworm can affect almost any area of the skin, including the nails and scalp,

Scalp: On the scalp it’s often confused with dandruff, and is treated with shampoo.

Nails: Infected nails can look yellow and thickened, and can be a bit difficult to treat – as the infected nail has to grow out. We usually give antifungals in tablet form for nail infections.

It’s not serious, but it is an annoying infection. Once you have it, you can easily get it again, so steer clear of anyone with ringworm. If you have the infection, make sure you get treatment soon, to avoid spreading it to friends & family.

Author: Dr Lynelle Hoeks