Which type of sport suits YOU?

It’s a fairly common question – what exactly IS the best type of exercise 윈드슬레이어 다운로드? Runners are lean, but sometimes too skinny, cyclists have huge legs but small arms, cross fitters are strong all over but, well just a little bit scary. So which one is it? Ask a dozen physiologists which exercise is best, and you’ll get a dozen wildly different replies. So, we’ve done our best to narrow down your options:

Walking & running

What’s better than feeling the wind in your face and the open road under your feet? A healthy heart! Running is the ultimate cardiovascular (heart) workout. It will help with your overall fitness and gives your lower body a good workout (depending on the number of hills you run). Walking can be done by anyone, anywhere, anytime; has a low injury risk and is always a good excuse to catch up with a friend who can walk with you. A good pair of running shoes is a must.


Have you got good co-ordination? Then cycling is for you. Another excellent workout for your heart, although not without its hazards (see co-ordination requirement above!). Cycling uses all of the big muscle groups in your lower legs as well as challenging your lower back and core muscles. This is not the cheapest sport, though; bikes can be pricey, and even a cheapie needs repairs now and again. Shaved legs are optional!

Strength training

Looking to tone up? Lifting weights isn’t only about building bulging biceps, it’s about improving muscle strength and endurance, strengthening up your bones and revving up a lazy metabolism. No gym membership required: you can start off using your own body weight, and slowly progress with hand held weights at home until you feel ready to hit the gym. You can also gradually target and grow different muscle groups, no steroids necessary.

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High-intensity interval training (HIIT)

The new kid on the block. This is a workout that alternates between high intensity bursts of exercise and recovery. Warning: this is not a workout you can do while reading a mag or chatting to a friend. It’s intense, it’s hard, but it’s also the most time efficient option out there.  You literally squeeze a full workout session into half the time. Don’t try this at home though, you’ll need some pro supervision to make sure you’re getting it right and remain injury-free.

You could also try swimming for an all over strength and cardio workout, Pilates for strengthening up your core, throwing Frisbee for flexibility or pole dancing (yes, it’s a thing) for fun.

And the award for best sport goes to (drum roll please) … The one you actually DO! Since no one exercise emerges as the clear winner, you have a lot of options. Very few people ever workout for long doing something they hate. At the end of the day the best sport for YOU is the one that you’ll keep doing. Fitness is a lifelong commitment, not a one-night-stand.  So, if you enjoy it, chances are you’ll keep going back for more.

How will you know when you’ve found your perfect fit? When you look at the clock and an hour has flashed by without you noticing!