Why is it itching around my vagina?

Many women shy away from talking about their vaginas, but it’s worth learning more about the health issues you could have down there 심즈3 한글 무료 다운로드.

Ladies don’t be embarrassed; it’s time you understand what your vagina is all about.

Your vagina is the internal tube that connects your womb to the outside of the body. The vulva includes the inner and outer lips (labia), the clitoris, the urethral opening (where your wee comes out) and the vaginal opening. The vulva is the general name given to the outside parts of your private part.

This precious part of your body can suffer many health issues. Common symptoms include itchiness around your vulva, redness, swelling and skin cracking. You may also experience changes in the way your vagina or vulva smells.

What’s causing the itch?

Yeast infection (thrush)

A yeast infection is usually a result of unbalanced vaginal PH. It can develop randomly or after being on antibiotics. Other causes include, sex, stress, or a change in diet. Women with diabetes have a higher risk of developing the infection. It’s itchy and you may notice curdled, white, or thick liquid on your underwear.

Treatment: Over-th-counter medication like an antifungal cream can treat the infection. To prevent it from coming back, stay clean down there. See your doctor and get treatment that will work best for you.

Bacterial vaginosis (BV)

Bacterial vaginosis is a common cause of vaginal itching. It’s a vaginal infection that starts from an overgrowth of bacteria. The infection is similar to a yeast infection, but in this case, the liquid discharge is more watery and usually has a smell.

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Treatment: Over-the-counter creams usually work to treat the infection. If your BV doesn’t clear up after using the suggested cream or gel, see your doctor.

Sexually transmitted diseases (STD)

Having unprotected sex can lead to an STD, so it’s important to always use protection! Different types of STDs can cause an itch down there. Pubic lice or crabs can also appear if you have hair down there.

Treatment: STDs are very contagious and can spread easily. If you think you’ve been infected, see a doctor immediately. And, don’t have sex until you’re fully recovered.


Minor vaginal itching in most cases, is caused by scented laundry detergents or feminine products like pads, tampons, or deodorants. The itching usually goes away after you stop using the products. Avoid getting an allergic reaction by using products that are labelled “fragrance-free” or “unscented”. Doctors say you shouldn’t really be douching either, as it may lead to vaginal irritation, BV and yeast infections. Latex condoms can also cause an allergic reaction. Speak to your doctor about other options for protection.

Treatment: Most cases of an allergic reaction can be treated by seeing a doctor.


You may have vaginal itching when the levels of your hormones change during your period, pregnancy, menopause, or while you’re on birth control. Dryness is another sign that your hormones could be to blame for your pain.

Treatment: Your doctor may give you a hormonal cream. Be sure to ask about different contraceptive options if the itch continues.