Why is quitting smoking so hard?!

By October 12, 2015Smoking

Let’s be honest about this: it isn’t easy to quit smoking 자동차 주말여행 코스북 다운로드. In fact, many ex-smokers will admit to having tried (and failed) a few times before they got it right! The important thing to take home is that they got it right. And so can you!

Why is it so hard?

Smoking isn’t just a physical addiction! If it were that simple, you could shake it by just going without nicotine for a few days and then it would all be over. Unfortunately, smoking is also a strong mental habit, and habits have to be changed, not just broken. While your body can get over its nicotine craving within a week or two, you have to pay attention to what sets off your smoking behaviour. When you understand why you smoke, you can find the best ways to quit.

Smoking triggers

For smokers, many normal activities act as triggers. Here are a few examples:

  • Eating – do you find yourself lighting up straight after every meal?
  • Socialising – when sitting having drinks or watching the game with friends, do you find yourself smoking more?
  • Stress – when things get difficult, do you reach for that pack of cigarettes?
  • Waking up – you’ll only open both eyes once you’ve lit up!

You probably recognise one or more of these triggers in your own smoking behaviour, and here’s where the secret to quitting lies. Find your own personal smoking triggers and start putting new behaviours in place before you even quit! Some tips:

  • Don’t smoke after a meal, snack or a cup of coffee
  • Spend more time at places that don’t allow smoking – malls, movie theatres, and many restaurants are no-smoking zones.
  • Keep those hands busy! Squeeze a stress ball, eat a few almonds, play a game on your phone or even wash your hands.
  • Breathe deeply and remind yourself of the reasons why you want to stop smoking.
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Hello Doctor’s Dr Russell Thomson says:

“Remember that it takes half the number of years you have been smoking to reverse the damage done to your lungs. So, if you’ve been smoking for 10 years and you quit, it will take 5 years for your lungs to be in the same condition as before you started smoking.”

The good news is that you will start feeling better far sooner than that!

Get some support

Quit smoking programs help smokers with coping skills and support. Everyone in the program understands exactly how it feels and can offer encouragement! You can find support groups on social media sites – plug in and make it easier on yourself.