Why teens are hitting the bottle

We came across this article from the Times LIVE, from the headline “Teenagers hitting the bottle to cope”, we knew it was vital that parents know (and have the skills) to help their teens – please pay attention Giant movie.

“Grade 11 pupils were 59% more likely than pupils in other grades to have used alcohol.” This statement is based on research by the SA Depression and Anxiety Group – very worrying, isn’t it?

Teenagers experimenting with alcohol is not new, but it’s happening every day and these latest statistics are alarming and it begs the question:

“Why are school kids finding it necessary to keep hitting the bottle on a regular basis?”

The inability to be able to cope academically and socially seems to be the main trigger. The operations director of the Depression and Anxiety Group, Cassey Chambers, was quoted as saying: “Teens are dealing with more problems and have few coping mechanisms except the quick fix or release that alcohol can provide.”

“We need to start looking at providing early intervention and support for parents and teens. Teach coping skills and offer resources so that the need for drugs as a way of coping ceases to exist.”

What we can do to help our teenagers

It’s essential for parents to become informed about the dangers of alcohol and be able to see the warning signs. When you’re aware of these signs, you’ll be able to take a hands-on approach by being able to speak to your children and getting them the help they need.

As Chambers stated, it’s the lack of knowledge of coping methods that has led to teens seeking ways to ‘drown’ their unhappiness. So, it’s important for you, as parents, to make sure that they have a stable environment at home and letting them know that they can speak to you about anything.

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The dangers of not being a part of your teen’s life

Alcohol dulls pain, but it doesn’t take the problem away; this leads to depression and anxiety, which will cause further issues.

Here are two articles to help you become more familiar with teen depression and the effects of anxiety on the body.

The combination of alcohol and the effects of depression and anxiety on your teen’s mental health can harm them, not only physically and psychologically – but academically, too!

Parents, please become involved – you need to help your teens ensure that they finish high school and are able to move forward with their lives.

If you’re unsure of where to start, don’t worry – we’re here to help! Hello Doctor has compiled affordable, expert “bite-size” tips that will tell you everything you need to know.

All you need to do is visit our health tips page and select the ANXIOUS module. If you require any further help, please don’t hesitate to text or speak to one of our doctors, via our app, which you can download here.

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Sources: SADAG, Timeslive