Why we should all go bananas

Bananas are not just a monkey’s best friend Naver trailer. The curvy yellow fruit is packed with nutritional goodness to improve your overall health. High in potassium and pectin fibres; this little number can improve digestion and energy. It boasts loads of good vitamins and minerals, too.

Benefits of bananas

  • Thanks to its abundance of iron, it can relieve symptoms of anaemia.
  • Bananas can help regulate your blood sugar levels.
  • Its high levels of Vitamin B6 can boost your memory and blood flow.
  • It coats the lining of your stomach and shield it from gastric acids.
  • The protein and high potassium can regulate bowel movements.
  • It helps maintain your weight loss goals with its filling calories.

How they support your body

Good eyes Bananas have a small amount of Vitamin A, the vitamin that boasts eye-protection qualities. A good dose of Vitamin A can lessen the risk of night blindness.

Strong bones The potassium in a banana works to reduce hypertension, and prevents bones from thinning. It can also ease muscle cramps; enjoy as a quick snack before your gym workout.

Healthy heart High in potassium and low in salt, bananas can help regulate your heartbeat. Thanks to its dietary fibres, they help control high blood pressure and offer cardiovascular protection.

Digestion Bananas can improve your gut health (say yay for its fibres which help speed up your rate of digestion).

Pressure helper Potassium is a key mineral the body relies on to function properly. This super-fruit can balance out the bad effects of salt in your body.

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Tip: Once bananas ripen fully, store them in your fridge to retain its precious vitamins. However, if you refrigerate an unripe banana, the cold could cause chill-injury. If you then take it out of the fridge, it won’t ripen fully.