Why you may need a new pillow

By September 18, 2018Sleep

We all have that special pillow that helps us fall asleep Ultraman of Download. But, did you know that your pillow could hurt your health? The right pillow plays an important role in helping you fall asleep.

Pillows and pain

According to Harvard Medical School, a pillow that’s too soft or too firm often leads to neck pain. This happens when your neck is bent in any way for an extended period that causes discomfort.


  • If you sleep on your side with a soft pillow that doesn’t provide enough support under your neck, your head has to extend sideways to meet the pillow.
  • If you sleep on your stomach, a position that hyperextends the neck backward, using a firm pillow pushes the head back even further.
  • If you’re on your stomach with your head to the side, you’re sleeping in a full rotation position, which can become painful.
  • Sleeping on your back with too much firm support pushes the neck forward too far.

A pain in the neck can also lead to:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Severe headache.
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Always feeling tired (even after sleeping all night).

Get a new pillow

Often, people don’t know when it’s time for a new pillow. Your pillow should be able to be folded in half and when released, it should pop right back to its normal state. If your pillow doesn’t do this, it’s time for a change. An inexpensive polyester pillow should be replaced every six months. If you have a memory foam pillow, it could last you anywhere from 18 to 36 months.

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What kind of pillow is best for overall health?

Organic Wool

Organic wool pillows are breathable and can regulate temperature well. It’s also naturally flame –and dust mite- resistant. This makes them a good choice year-round.


A kapok pillow is a lightweight fluffy fibre that comes from seed pods of Rain Forest Kapok trees. It’s a soft material, similar to cotton. Kapok is actually the fluffy fibre that surrounds the seeds. It’s a natural material often described as light and airy. Just the thing for a good sleep! Kapok is also used as stuffing for toys and cushions. It’s said to be hypoallergenic, mould-resistant, water-resistant and quick-drying.

Natural Latex

If you’re allergic to wool or feathers, your best pillow option may be one made of latex. Like wool pillows, you can find natural latex pillows with an organic cotton outer covering. Just make sure it’s a 100% natural latex.

Organic cotton

Organic cotton pillows are one of the best organic pillows that are easy to find.

Pillow promises

There are loads of snoring and sleep disorder solutions out there, but health problems like sleep apnoea and restless leg syndrome aren’t easily solved by adjusting your sleeping position. Speak to a doctor about your sleeping disorder and get a proper diagnosis and treatment.