Why you should sleep naked, and not hit the snooze button

By September 13, 2016Sleep

By Dr 명조체 무료 다운로드. Albert Viljoen

It’s Spring! As the days get longer, the nights warmer and the skirts shorter, why not try on these two, very seasonal healthy habits?

#1 Sleep Naked

Yes, that is actually a health-tip. There are numerous benefits to getting rid of your jammies in the warmer months, beyond simply saving on your clothing-expenses.

  • You’ll sleep better. When you fall asleep, your body temperature falls. This is a natural process, and helps all your systems recover. If you’re too hot at night, it interferes with this process, and can be the reason why you’re tossing and turning at night.
  • You could speed up your metabolism. Yep – another major benefit of cooling down at night, is that you could give your metabolism a boost. (And who wouldn’t like some extra help to get their summer-body back?)
  • Give your skin breathing space. Your armpits, feet and groin are constricted throughout the day. By freeing them up at night, you decrease the risk for fungal infections, and support your body with its temperature regulation.
  • Guys, you’ll make your sperm healthy & happy. The factory-settings in your testicles have a very strict temperature-control: to keep your sperm as healthy as possible, your testicles retract and descend according to the temperature. By dropping your boxers, you make their job easier, and, statistically, increase your baby-making potential.

#2 Don’t Snooze

If you’re anything like me, you are probably in love with your snooze-button. The problem is that this love-affair can cost you more than the 10 minutes you miss in the morning meeting. How?

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Those 20 to 30 minutes of interrupted sleep in the morning, actually counts as sleep disruption. This means that your body does not get the quality rest it needs. Even though it feels good, you are actually losing quality of sleep, according to studies conducted by Dr. David Dinges, head of the sleep and chronobiology division at the University of Pennsylvania. You may think ” I feel fine”, but most of us are so sleep-deprived, we don’t even know what a proper night of rest feels like anymore.

And some of the consequences of sleep-deprivation (in case you forgot)? Higher risk for

  • gaining weight
  • diabetes
  • heart disease

So, for a happy, healthy summer, get naked, go to bed early, and set your alarm half an hour later. That doesn’t sound to hard now, does it?