Winterise your workout!

The winter season – rain, wind and icy temperatures – doesn’t exactly give you that urge to stick with your summer workout schedule; we know the feeling Hand Economic. But unless you want your 6-pack to turn into a keg, you need to keep up with your training programme. Here are our tips to help you push through.

Go straight to the gym after work

The majority of us have said to ourselves, “I’ll go home for 30 minutes and then head off to gym.” – how often has that worked? Once you shut your front door on the dark and gloomy sky, watching TV with a cup of hot chocolate seems like a much better idea. Let’s help you change that attitude. Now.

Pack your gym bag the night before and leave it at the front door. In the morning, drop it in the boot of your car. Now, you have no reason to stop at home. Think about your workout as you’re driving to the gym, to keep your mind on track.

Draw up a weekly workout plan

You’ve seen those guys wandering aimlessly around the gym – wasting time. It’s best to have your workout planned before you get there. This way you’ll actually get through your training much quicker.

A solid 30min-45min workout is much better for you than walking around doing one exercise every 10 minutes.

Ask a friend to train with you

We know that the winter weather really tests your ability to stay motivated, but it’s essential for your progress. If you find it’s lacking, give a friend a call and ask them to join you at the gym; they will be your personal motivator.

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Also, it’s a good idea to have a friend to train with you because they can be your “spotter”, to help you push out “just…two…more…reps!”.

Book a session with a personal trainer

Your friend may decide, at the last minute, that he would prefer to stay at home and watch TV. Make an appointment with a personal trainer; they get paid to be at the gym. They’re also expert motivators and can help you with form and technique.

IMPORTANT: Exercise is your sure-fire de-stressor. It releases endorphins – the feel-good hormone – and will give you the physical and mental energy to push you to the gym.

The results: Your body will thank you by keeping you looking and feeling great! Remember, working out keeps you healthy and when it comes to your wellbeing, there is no offseason.