You can’t stop a hangover

It’s weekend! you’re planning to relax and have a good time, and that usually includes alcohol. The party is great, but no one likes the hangover that comes the day after. So what is a hangover and how can we make them GO AWAY?

The short answer:

Time. The real cure for a hangover is time. You have to wait it out and let your body recover. No food, tonic or miracle cure can make it go away. However, the suggestions below will help you feel a little better while you wait.

Hangovers are a combination of symptoms

A hangover isn’t just one thing, it’s a collection of symptoms that can last for a few hours (which feels like forever when you actually have one!). The main symptoms that make up a hangover are:

Headaches and thirst. Dehydration is a massive cause of headaches, and alcohol is something that makes you pee a lot. This is the reason why you get the headache.

Solution: Drink water!

Sick to your stomach. Alcohol can play a nasty trick on your stomach; it can fool your tummy into making more acid and slowing down the digestive process. This means the contents in your stomach will stick around longer, which is why you get nauseated.

Solution: Take an anti-nausea tablet (called anti-emetics). Make sure you have them for these occasions.

I’m so tired! Feeling tired is a common problem with hangovers. Most of the time people who are drunk don’t struggle falling asleep, but it’s their quality of sleep that differs.

What to do: If you’re still feeling tired after sleeping, try to rest some more – it’ll help you recover faster.

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Why can’t I stop shaking? When you drink alcohol, your blood sugar levels drop. You might not feel it while you’re drinking, but when you wake up with a hangover, you’ll certainly feel it then.

What to eat: To combat this, have a snack or a bite to eat as soon as possible. Try eating something that gives you a burst of energy, like crackers.

The main hangover suspect? Congeners. ‘Conge..what?’ Congeners are substances which are created during the fermentation process of alcoholic drinks, and they improve the drink’s flavour and smell. Although dehydration also adds to the symptoms of hangover, congeners are are believed to be the main cause, as they are quite toxic to your body.

What do I do about them? Congeners are mostly present in most dark liquors, like red wine, beer and whiskey, so if you want to avoid them drink a lighter coloured alcohol.

A party, like everything in life, comes with a price tag: if you drink responsibly, you will stay within budget, and prevent those nasty hangovers.