Your blood pressure-friendly, food-free diet

Welcome to your ‘foodless’ diet plan, guaranteed to lower your blood pressure 꽃보다 청춘 위너 다운로드. We’re not going to tell you what you can and can’t eat, but rather give you the facts and offer alternative treatment to ensure a heart-healthy lifestyle.

When was the last time you had your blood pressure checked? A high BP doesn’t show any symptoms – so, before you begin this diet plan, have your blood pressure checked.

The high blood pressure ingredients

  • Smoking
  • Overweight or obesity
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Too much sugar in the diet
  • Stress

There they are – now that you know, you are in control of this diet! We’re just giving you the first step…and you’re taking the rest of them.

The great part of this diet is that you can choose your approach! All of these ingredients actually contribute to your diet’s 4 issues and you can choose which ones you are up for when you’re ready.

Low blood pressure ingredients

The diet is broken up into 4 recipes: one may influence or be a result of another, and you are able to choose which one you’d like to begin with.

  • Environmental
  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Nutritional

Quit the butts

Did you know: the health benefits of quitting smoking starts almost immediately, as quick as 20 minutes after your last cigarette & continues for years to come? Your blood pressure is decreasing already!

You’ve seen the warnings on the packs – we know it’s difficult to quit, but to see results, you need to be consistent and stick to the diet.

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We’ve put together some more information about smoking to motivate you to quit.

Change what & when you eat

Sugar is one of the main culprits associated with weight gain. It is found in all sorts of unexpected foods from tomato sauce to fat-free yoghurt. Read labels! Choose options with less than 8g of sugar per serving.

People who eat large amounts of food that are high in refined sugars are more likely to suffer from diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure and our universal ingredient is the key to prevent this from happening.

Eat healthy! Try this chicken and strawberry recipe. While you’re nibbling on healthy food, make sure you read about the top 5 habits of super healthy people.

Get up and get moving!

Exercise is not only good for your body, but also helps cleanse your mind. Did you know: losing weight, together with exercise is the BEST way to control blood pressure, blood sugar & cholesterol?

By controlling these different aspects, your body becomes healthy and this directly rinses your mind of stress and/or depression – to mention just a few of the benefits!

The result

By adding ingredients of your choice to the recipes we’ve discussed, you’ll be well on your way to reducing your blood pressure and enjoying the benefits of a heart-healthy life.