Your guide to your varsity career part 2

Last week we discussed some useful “must know” information about your first year at varsity your birth certificate. It’s not over because we have a few more pointers to show you.


This is a biggie, guys! Your assignments require you to reference any quote, idea or any type of other information that is not yours – universities are very strict about this! If you don’t reference your work, you may face a disciplinary hearing.


So, you’ve left home and have begun your independence. This is an important step in your life, but remember that, once you’ve left the nest, you need to be far more responsible – mom and dad are not going to be able to tend to your every need! Here’re a few things that you need to keep in mind:

  • You’re going to need to get used to the fact that you’re going to be working late in the library.
  • So, remember not to take any shortcuts on your way back to your res or digs – universities normally have routes that are lit up and there should be 24-hour security

Budgeting your finances

“So, what’s for dinner, mom?” – well, mom isn’t there anymore unfortunately – it’s up to you, but university residences normally have a food programme that will cater for your daily meals. If you’re living in private ‘digs’, let’s hope that your roommates help out with the cooking.

We understand that for most of you guys, finances are quite tight. Here’re a list of foods that will provide you with all the nutrients that you need that won’t clear out your bank account!

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Living in ‘res’

Many local and international students choose to live in a residence or ‘res’ as it’s more commonly known. While this is a great way to start living independently, there’re many temptations that may interfere with your studies:

  • Excessive drinking
  • Drugs
  • Partying until the early hours of the morning
  • Unsafe sex

C’mon, guys! Part of becoming independent is to be more responsible. We’re not telling you that you mustn’t have fun, but make sure you’re still able to attend lectures, study and submit your assignments on time.