Your tick-list for a great night out

So, your 2nd term is on its way 무료 mp3new 빠른 다운로드. But for now, it’s holiday! It’s time to recharge, catch up with friends and have some fun, before you get back to work. Whether you’re planning a road trip or rock out with One Republic in June, here’s how to keep the awesome times rolling.

Simple ways to make sure you have a rad time!

You’ve earned this time away from school or varsity! The last thing you want to do is ruin it with stupid decisions. Here’s your guide turn the good times into the best times!

Watch out for drink ‘spiking’

So, you’re at that epic house party you’ve been waiting for! “Here’s to the holidays, cheers!…but you wake up the next morning and can’t remember anything. “What happened, man? I didn’t drink any alcohol!” Anything could have been slipped into your drink when you weren’t looking.

Tick: Whether you are at a club or house party, always take a friend with you. When you get a drink, always watch carefully as the drink is being poured. If someone offers to open your drink, tell them you’ll do it yourself.

Drinking and Driving: “Yes! I’m 18! I can finally drive, and I can have a drink when I go out.” While this is a big step towards independence, it comes with certain issues. This is your car! That’s fantastic – you OWN a car that’s shiny and drives well, let’s keep it that way.

Now, you can also help your friends out by giving them lifts – a great way to pay off all those times you borrowed 20 bucks from your mates.

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Tick: Your buddies respect you and you respect them – keep them safe; you know they’d do the same for you.

We all know it’s a bit embarrassing to be dropped off by your parents, when all your friends have licences and remember that if they’ve had a few drinks, you can always take a taxi back home. There are countless, reliable companies that are available for you, 24/7 such as UBER.

Check your ego at the door: Let’s face it, as much as you hope it’s not you…bullying does happen. Now, you see each other at a party and you want to prove he’s not as cool as he thinks and a fight breaks out.

We all lose our temper at some point, but as you know, times have changed. It’s the perfect time for a handshake to “bury the hatchet”.

Tick: The Sutter Health Palo Alto Foundation says it perfectly: “Respond with your HEAD – not your fists, threats, or weapons.” Be mature – if you can’t handle a simple disagreement now, life is only going to get worse.

Safe sex: You’re going to find yourself attracted to other people. There’s nothing wrong with this. In fact, it’s natural! If it becomes something more than friendship, just like your other friends, if you respect them, they’ll respect you.

Tick: If you have sex, keep the respect by using contraception and your relationship could grow even stronger!