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Oral Health

Do You Really Need to Use Mouthwash?

The Hello Doctor Team | Dental Health |
Yes! The benefits of gargling with mouthwash go far beyond simply masking morning-breath, or rinsing your mouth out after brushing. That minty-fresh finish to your morning ritual fights off germs...

How to Help Someone with Depression

The Hello Doctor Team | Depression |
If someone you’re close to is struggling with depression, it can leave you feeling confused and frustrated yourself. It’s normal to feel helpless if you have a friend, partner or...
teenage exercise

Fitness for Beginners – Teens

The Hello Doctor Team | Exercise and Fitness |
So, you’ve decided to start training, hey? Great! But remember that in your teens, your body is constantly developing, mentally and physically and if you’re not sure how to start...
fleas and ticks

How to Create a Flea-Free Home

The Hello Doctor Team | Pet Health |
They may only range between 1.5mm – 3.3mm in size, but fleas can cause a lot of trouble for you and your pets. “What kind of trouble, and how serious...