At Hello Doctor it’s all about health, and it’s all about you. We believe in preventative care, and we’re passionate about giving people like you the ability to connect with a doctor and make informed decisions about their health.

Hello Doctor is designed to give you instant access to personalised health, wellness and medical information – all approved by our team of registered doctors. Get professional, confidential and trusted advice at your fingertips – anywhere, anytime.

Hello Doctor provides exclusive access to MMI clients.

The Hello Doctor suite of services are now exclusively available to companies that have partnered with us. With this move Hello Doctor now provides professional, confidential and trusted medical advice to MMI’s clients that have cover and policies with one of the following partners:

How to get started

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Simply dial *120*1019# to access our USSD menu where you just have to follow the prompts. This option is available from all phones, and works the same way you’d check your airtime.

How it works

Ask a registered doctor any health question you have, anytime of the day or night. All our doctors are qualified MDs ready to offer you expert medical advice. Conversations with the doctor are completely private and confidential.

You can connect with our doctors in two ways:

Talk to a Doctor

With “Talk to a Doctor” you have direct telephonic access to a doctor. Simply log a call back request and a doctor will return your call within an hour.

Text a Doctor

With “Text a Doctor” you can connect via one-to-one text chats with a doctor who will respond to your health query within an hour.

Health Tips

Hello Doctor is all about helping you live better every day, and while we’re just a call away if you ever get sick, we want to make sure you stay healthy too. You can now subscribe to health tips for free! Subscribe to as many categories as you wish and receive your tips straight to your phone! If you’re eager to get educated about your health, then Health Tips is for you! Be sure to enable your push notifications and look forward to two tips a day.

Just log into the Hello Doctor App

Go to “Health Tips” on the main screen

Select your category and you’re good to go!

Our Doctors

All the Hello Doctor doctors are fully qualified General Practitioners, registered with the Health Professionals Council of South Africa. They are professional, knowledgeable, trustworthy and dedicated to giving you expert advice that is completely private and confidential. Go on, try it out! Give them a call! They’re available to you 24/7.

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