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Hate exercise

3 Reasons Why You Hate To Exercise

The Hello Doctor Team | Exercise and Fitness |
We all know we should be exercising regularly. The human body was made to move. From the tiniest atoms in our DNA to the blood in our veins and the...
music health

Music: Fine-Tune Your Health

The Hello Doctor Team | General Health |
Forget the crash diets – music can make you healthy! Classic, rock, jazz…whatever your taste in music may be, it doesn’t matter – you listen to it because you enjoy...

What Is Inflammation?

The Hello Doctor Team | Bone and Joint Problems |
Are you worried about a bite or scratch that’s red and feels warm? Do you have a painful, swollen joint from over-doing it in the gym? Your body is amazing!...
workplace health

Workplace Health Round Up

The Hello Doctor Team | General Health |
Don’t panic when we tell you this: you’re probably going to spend roughly a third of your life at work! We’re not trying to bring you down with that statistic;...