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How to Shed Your Debt?

The Hello Doctor Team | Financial Wellness |
Going on a debt-diet isn’t easy, but just like weight loss, you can lose a few debts if you follow a healthy financial plan. If you need some help to...

Why Polio Vaccines Still Matter

The Hello Doctor Team | Infectious Diseases |
Polio – didn’t that disease die out with snail-mail and telex machines? Today is World Polio Day and, no – polio is still happening out there. In March of 2014...
Hate exercise

3 Reasons Why You Hate To Exercise

The Hello Doctor Team | Exercise and Fitness |
We all know we should be exercising regularly. The human body was made to move. From the tiniest atoms in our DNA to the blood in our veins and the...

Living With Dyslexia

The Hello Doctor Team | Mental Health |
“In Grade 1, I couldn’t write my name and I felt at this young age that I had already ‘failed’. But now I just laugh about the errors – I’m...