How to keep your kids fit… naturally

Remember the good old days when you spent all your free time outside?

Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for our kids – technology has advanced drastically and now our children are entertaining themselves without setting foot outside. So if your kids can’t remember what your garden looks like, then it’s time for them to ditch the PlayStation and start climbing trees.

Dr Russell Thomson says that it’s essential that children get at least 30 minutes of intensive activity every day. But with tablets, smartphones, TVs and electronic games, how can you encourage your kids to go outside? Here are some helpful tips for parents.

Find out what they like to do

One of the great things about being a kid is that having fun is a priority, but every child is different. Speak to your child/children about what THEY like to do when they’re not inside the house. Remember:

  • Not all kids want to play cricket or toss a rugby ball around. Perhaps they enjoy … whatever it is, encourage them
  • Get involved! Not only will it be a chance to bond with your kid, but you’ll also burn some calories in the process!
  • Does your child enjoy sport? That’s fantastic! Why not buy them a cricket set, soccer ball or rugby ball and gear for their birthday or Christmas.
  • And if you get “I don’t know” as an answer, then it’s a perfect time for you and your kid to play various things and find out what they like.

Help your kids understand healthy nutrition

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Healthy nutrition goes hand-in-hand with regular exercising. Think about it – both of you will be thirsty after a fun backyard cricket match, but what are you going to drink to satisfy your thirst?

  • Don’t go and grab a fizzy drink – you’ll put back on the calories you just burned. Rather, opt of a tall glass of ice water
  • If you also need a snack, stay away from chocolate and crisps! Eat fresh fruit instead.

By educating your kid(s) from a young age, they’ll have a better understanding of the types of food that will keep them strong, fit and healthy. And if you need some extra day-to-day help, come speak to our doctors.

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