Sorry, Beyonce – You’re Wrong!

‘Cause he’s taken you for granted and everything you had got destroyed’ – If I were a boy, Beyonce Ripper.

Ah, yes – common lyrics of many chart-topping female pop tracks that seem to portray men as being sex obsessed, shallow and likely to cheat on women. But, we, at Hello Doctor, are going to explore whether her lyrics have any truth behind them.

For some reason, many women think that all men just want to ‘Drink beer with the guys and chase after girls [and] …kick it with who I wanted and I’d never get confronted for it.’ Ladies, it’s time to set the record straight! Not all guys are like that.

Introducing…the truth

Men don’t think about sex every 7 seconds: Ok, guys do think about sex a lot, but every 7 seconds? The most comprehensive survey by The Social Organisation of Sexuality begs to differ! And they did the math: every 7 seconds would mean men think about sex 8,000 times per day – that’s the same amount of breaths you take in a day! Not possible.

Shallow: only value appearance: A study at the University of Arizona has stated that: “…men and women are both shallow — men look at physical beauty and women seek a mate with high social status.”

So, ‘shallowness’ isn’t the actual word we should be using, but rather, a difference in the initial male and female preference. It also shows that this is not exclusive to men.

We believe penis size always matters: Magazines probably quote this in every issue. You’ve most likely read that the ‘big feet compared to penis size myth, is fact – where’s the evidence?

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Let’s size up the truth: Guys are competitive by nature, but no matter what you’ve heard about all that ’locker-room’ talk, guys are not comparing and boasting about their equipment. Once again, pop culture has given you the wrong impression.

A study conducted by Janet Lever, David Frederick and Letitia Peplau of California State University, found that over 55% of men were happy with their penis size and 85% of women “were satisfied with their partner’s penis size.” Some men commented that they actually wanted to have a smaller penis.

Beyonce’s lyrics may be a reflection of some men, but definitely not all of them. People are complicated, including YOU! So, take some time to look under the surface and see what you find. You don’t want to short-change yourself because of a snap judgement.

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‘If I were a Boy’ lyrics, by Beyonce. All rights reserved