Food & nutrition
October 27, 2015

WHO says processed meats cause cancer

Processed meats are once again under fire, and this time, it might be the final cut. We’re not the biggest fans of processed meat, because it contains a lot of salt, which could lead to heart attacks, hypertension and stroke, but according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), it looks like red and processed meat may harm you in another way. (more…)
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December 15, 2014

What’s really going on with Ebola?

It keeps coming up in the news, and even though it all seems very far away, a lot of the headlines are making people uneasy. So, what’s really happening with the Ebola outbreak? (more…)
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Cancer & lymphoma
February 4, 2014

Global cancer ‘tidal wave’ warning

Reports from the World Health Organisation (WHO) warn of that the world is facing a "tidal wave" of cancer, and advises that restrictions on alcohol and sugar need to be considered. (more…)
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