How to win at parenting

Every parent wants a good relationship with their kids, but it can be hard work, and sometimes – it can feel like an uphill battle Google Backup. Even though it’s hard work, the good news is that a closer connection with your child doesn’t need to cost you a cent. Bridge the gap and make your relationship stronger than ever with these tips.

Make time

There are plenty of hours in a week. Use at least one or two of them to nurture your relationship with your child. Set a reminder on your calendar just like you would any other appointment, and schedule alone time to catch up with him. Plan fun activities for the two of you. Spending quality time together encourages communication, builds trust, and brings you closer to each other. The more you tend to the relationship, the more it will grow. It may not always be easy to prioritise time for your child, but if you really want a good relationship with him, you will make it happen.

Be his biggest fan

Let your child know that you’re proud of him. Take an avid interest in his life and encourage him to do more of what makes him happy. Knowing that you have his best interests at heart and actively showing it will make him feel valued and loved, and boost his confidence. It will also make it much easier for him to open up to you about anything, which could strengthen your relationship.

Avoid over-parenting

While your intentions are good, a hovering parenting style may be wrecking your relationship with your child. Stepping in to meet your child’s every need is failing him. It sends the message that you don’t believe in his capabilities. This may create frustration and breakdown of trust, which could affect the relationship as a whole. Stop being a helicopter parent. Avoid intruding on the challenges he may face, and allow him to overcome them on his own. Let him embrace both success and failure. This will help him grow as an individual and improve your relationship.

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Talk more

Open communication is the key in any relationship, including the one with your child. It’s important in building trust, which is the foundation of a good relationship. Work on the trust factor and strengthen the bond with your child by communicating with him on a regular basis. Take the time to talk and actively listen to your child. Focus on what he’s saying and discuss any problems he may be having. Make it known that he can talk to you about anything and everything. This will make him feel appreciated and understood.

Just be there

Be your child’s support. Show him that you’ll be there whenever he needs a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on. This does not mean you need to drop everything for him. With the pressures of daily life, this would not be realistic. Just stay available and let him know that you will be his go-to person when times get tough. Being there as much as possible and knowing he has you to rely on can reinforce the relationship.