July 8, 2020

Delicious kimchi recipes for a healthy gut

Kimchi, the Korean staple cabbage dish, became trendy over the past few years and can really give your health a boost. We have two simple recipes for you to try. But first, what’s all the hype about?
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Food & nutrition
June 20, 2020

Stock your cupboard and fridge with these foods

Healthy eating should be easy, and it can. Just make sure to stock your fridge with these: whether you need to prep lunch for work, or plan a dinner, you’ll have all the ingredients at hand! Quick, easy, and good for you.
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May 3, 2019

How to catch diabetes before it’s too late

Diabetes is one of the most common chronic conditions in the world. It occurs when your body struggles to process glucose properly, causing high blood glucose (also called high blood sugar or hyperglycaemia). Left untreated, this can seriously damage...
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Child HealthParenting
October 8, 2018

Common breastfeeding questions, answered

How soon should your baby start feeding? Is it normal for latching to be so painful? How often should you breastfeed? Breastfeeding doesn’t come naturally to all new mothers. Here’s what you need to know to breastfeed with confidence. 1. How soon should you start breastfeeding your baby? Having your baby latch onto your breast within the first hour of giving birth is strongly recommended. This is because your baby is most alert in those first few hours and the latching reflex is also at its strongest. Breastfeeding soon after birth has several other benefits: The skin-on-skin contact helps create…
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AsthmaChest & Lung
August 10, 2018

These foods can make your asthma worse

If you have asthma, it’s important to always be aware of your triggers and find ways of avoiding them. Your triggers aren’t limited to just your environment. It’s worth taking a look at your diet. Having asthma puts you at an increased risk of having a food allergy which can cause asthma symptoms. In some people, exercising after eating an allergy-causing food leads to asthma symptoms. Not everyone will react the same way to the same foods. So, watch your reaction to particular foods and avoid them if necessary. Some of the foods that may cause an allergic reaction: eggs…
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Hair & nails
August 3, 2018

Get strong and healthy nails

Your hands are always on display and can be exposed to a number of infections and diseases. So, give them extra attention to help them stay in the best shape. The ultimate guide to nail care You may chew on your nails or put your fingers in your mouth without even thinking about it. But this puts you at risk of spreading germs and bacteria to your mouth. Moisturise Keep your nail bed and cuticles moisturised. This will help prevent breakage from dryness, chipping, cracking and splitting. Dab oil around the cuticle to help moisturise the entire nail. Treat your…
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June 13, 2018

Recipes – How to make delicious, healthy junk food

There’s nothing like sinking your teeth into a juicy burger, munching on a slice of cheesy pizza, or diving into a big packet of chips. Yum! But this indulgence comes at a cost. Foods like burgers and pizza taste good but are packed with unsaturated fat, sodium and hidden sugars. If giving up your favourite junk food is stopping you from eating healthy, don’t worry. With a few simple swaps, you can still enjoy the taste, without all the consequences. Here are a few recipes to get you started: Healthy chocolate and raspberry ice-cream Curling up with a bowl of…
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June 11, 2018

An omelette for every mood

Good old eggs; if you have this staple in your fridge you have a hundred great food ideas! One of which: the not-so-humble omelette. Omelettes are a breakfast classic. Eggs are packed with high-quality protein and they contain all the daily vitamins and minerals you need for energy. If you’re really on a health kick, choose egg white omelettes. These are lower in calories, fat and cholesterol. Let’s make omelettes You will need: 2 large eggs Salt and pepper to taste 2 tsps of unsalted butter A mixing bowl Whisk A frying pan Spatula Crack your eggs into a mixing…
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Gut & digestion
May 11, 2018

Heal your body by healing your gut

Millions of neurons line the gut and release important chemical messengers that allow the gut to keep in close contact with the brain, and influence our moods and emotions. This is one reason whey the digestive system is also known as the second brain. Digestion is critical as it breaks food into nutrients that the body uses for energy, growth, and cell repair. Mind and body connection There’s more to your digestive system than occasional aches and pains that come with heartburn, bloating, constipation and diarrhoea. Your gut is central to your overall health. It’s connected to everything that happens…
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April 20, 2018

Is chicken soup good for flu?

Chilly months seem to go hand-in-hand with colds and flu. There’s the inevitable itch in your throat, coughing, headache – and of course, the sniffles. Before downing your over-the-counter medication, is it worth trying that old natural remedy: chicken soup? It’s delicious, warm and filled with nutrients – and seems to do the trick. Here’s why. Magic liquid According to studies, cooking chicken releases the amino acid cysteine, which resembles a drug that can treat upper respiratory infections. Even better, when you add vegetables to your soup, you’re adding vitamins too, which ups your flu-fighting capabilities. Drinking liquid broth soups…
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